"The offsite revolution is sure to be highly disruptive"

Boston Consulting Group, May 2019


Reduction in construction time

"Modular construction: From projects to products", McKinsey & Company, June 2019


Reduction in construction costs

"Modular construction: From projects to products", McKinsey & Company, June 2019


Reduction of embedded CO2 

According to research undertaken by Mott McDonald


"Working with you  to identify & capitalize on the opportunities in Offsite & Modular Manufacturing of Buildings & Infrastructure"


Off-site Manufacturing supports the 

Off-site manufactured buildings consume fewer resources, and can be designed with consideration for future needs from the outset

The use of digital tools in combination with off-site manufactured systems, enables optimal use of materials, minimizing consumption of valuable resources

Off-site manufactured buildings and infrastructure employ modern methods of manufacruting, integrating innovation faster than in traditional on-site construction

Digital tools used in combination with off-site manufactured solutions enables the affordable construction of low carbon structures with environmental footprints optimized for the life of the structure

Off-site manufacturing facilities provide a safe, clean, working environment.  Stable longterm employment, with training and clear career plans are possible.  More diverse workforces can be developed




Working together, we will lead you, your team and key leaders in your organization through the development of a comprehensive understanding of Off-site & Modular Manufacture of Buildings and/or Infrastructure

Bringing you together with an extensive network of experts from across the Off-site & Modular eco-system, through one-on-ones and multi-party workshops, you gain the insights you need, first hand, to support the development of your  Commercial & Manufacturing strategy.

  • Explore the ways in which Off-site and Modular manufacturing will disrupt your business

  • Develop a Commercial & Manufacturing strategy to capitalize on the opportunities

  • Identify the eco-systems to participate in and the Strategic Partnerships to form

  • Design the organizational and investment structures to sustain long-term business development

  • Business Valuation for investments & acquisitions

  • Negotiate Strategic Partnerships

  • Ambition setting and Strategy Communication



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